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OBS: Nuförtiden är mina mest aktiva hemsidorna: FasterEFT.se (om en enkel, kraftfull metod att minska stress, öka prestation och förbättra hälsan) och TupoMedia.se (om mina andra intressen: utbildning, hälsa, teknik, mm). Det finns kontakt formulär på dessa hemsidor.

Note: Nowadays my most active homepages are:  FasterEFT.se (about a simple, powerful method to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve your health) and TupoMedia.se (about my other interests: education, health, technique) There are contact forms, and some English, on these homepages.

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In connection with discovering Moodle LMS in January 2006, I decided to start my own domain to try out in a really free way the possibilities I've been seeing. SiteGround is my web host  I've had this web package since Aug 2006. Moodle experimenting is still a big part of what I'm doing here. I'm starting to offer services from here, so I will soon be displaying a lot of other stuff.

This place is where I experiment!

So that means that it is very much "under construction".  But that doesn't mean "Be satisfied with not getting what you want!" It means YOU have extra big possibilities to influence what will be here. Give me some feedback with the link at the bottom of the pages!

Links to parts of this place

My Moodle page (English and Swedish)

Since it is also possible to have other things besides Moodle here, I have also started to try to export some other educational resources (mainly in Physics and Math) that I have used while working at The Swedish Agency for flexible learning (CFL)

I live and work in Sweden so most of my resources are only in Swedish. I intend to make this page so you can choose: in English, Swedish and maybe Swahili. The links from this page are to things that are in English (or BOTH! thanks to the Moodle language filter). An example of the kind of tutorial interactive questions I have used a lot in Math and Physics: a quadratic equation. (A translation of one of my Swedish math questions.) 

I intend to translate to English some of the simulations and interactive exercises that I have developed. Here's one: Vernier caliper usage 

SafirEnglish English language course developed at CFL. It is based on a Swedish language course for new Swedes. I did most of the HTML and Flash work involved in the EU project  redoing the course for teaching English. To follow up the student progress I created a Moodle quiz suite.

About me (English pdf) | Om mig på svenska (Swedish) | Till stresshantering med FasterEFT