Project leaders: Monica Mohlin-Sjödin
AnneLi Avenäs

Monica Mohlin-Sjödin
Rose Eriksson
Siobhan Carroll-Webb
Fabio Mariani
Stefano Orlandoni


Flash animations,
web development
and graphics:

Martin Granlund
Jeff Forssell
Börje Gidmark
Göran Hannell

  Sound technician:

Inge Bergkvist

  Voices: Ruth Bourke Berglund
Siobhan Carroll-Webb
Rose Eriksson
Jeff Forssell
Keith Bryant
Matt Rogers
Deirdre Hunt
Marie O’Keefe
Kathleen Cormican
Gerry Jiago
Mary Lennon
Adrian Murphy
  Thanks to: Other colleagues at CFL who in different ways have contributed.

Any other person who has contributed in some way.