Solve the following equation algebraically:

-5x2 - 4x = - 9 

x = Give ONE solution at a time!   ?


  1. You can solve quadratic equations with the p-q formula. Swedish National Test Formula Collection
    I hope you know that x^2 is the same as ? Otherwise check "Skriva Ma på dator"
    (there is also described how you can write characters like ^ = * / < > ( ) with a keyboard)
  2. -5x2 - 4x = - 9 is not in the right form:
    x² + px + q=0, What would make the term not have - 5 as coefficient?
  3. Divide both sides with - 5!
  4. x2 - 4x/(-5) = - 9/(-5) should have the signs sorted out and still doesn't have 0 in the right side (which fits the standard Swedish form).

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