Vernier calipers

The classic use of vernier caliper: measuring the diameter of round things.
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You put the object between the two lagest jaws, pull them snugly together around it and make your reading.

Bild av banankontakter (hål) But you can do other things with them. If you want to measure the size, inner diameter, of a hole, there are ways to do that.

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If you want to measure the inner diameter of these contact holes, you use the small sharp jaws on the other side.

You pull them apart until they press against the sides of the holes, and make your reading on the same scales as the other jaws.

In the bottom end of the caliper is a narrow tongue that sticks out as long as the distance between the jaws. You can use it to measure the depth of a hole.

Put the bottom ot the scale body against the edge of the hole. Pull the jaws apart untill the narrow tongue presses against the bottom of the hole.djup mättunga ovanför hål att mäta
Shjutmåttet nedstucken i hål för djupmätning

Try to make a reading on this vernier caliper picture!
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Answer: reading = 36,4 mm or 3,64 cm or possibly 36,45 mm or 3,645 cm

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