Vernier caliper

You can drag the little brown wheel to adjust the calipers. This kind of calipers is meant for making internal, external and depth measurements.

Start by clicking a black link which configures the simulation for different demonstrations. Then check your observations with the blue "How", "Answer" or "Interpretation" links. After reading them, you can collapse them by clicking the link again:

Freely moveable, check zero! How:
Measure a complicated shape! cylinder with a cylindrical hole part way through.: External diameter Answer: | Internal diameter Answer: | Hole Depth Answer: | Height: Answer:

A common mistake: Wrong placement Interpretation:
Why are there cutouts?: Without using cutout Interpretation: Using cutout Answer:

Extra: measuring fractional inches

If you like fractions you can try the "inch" scale on the top of the caliper. The smallest divison on the main inch scale is 1/16 inch. Each division on the vernier inch scale is then 1/128 inch! Good luck!

If you try an "Internal diameter" measurement with the inch scale: Hint 1 (All)